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Eat It?

Nowadays there are so many diets out there. Take a second and think to yourself which one you're currently  on. 




Juice fast?

I knew my eating was getting out of control when I went to try on wedding dresses last year and none of the ones that were "my size" fit me correctly. 

I immediately grew worrisome! I was 2 sizes bigger than I'd remembered being. Truth be told, my husband and I had just gotten back from a two week vacation, so bloating was probably some of it but definitely not ALL of it. 

The wedding dress I picked out was a size 8 and I was determined to let that "size" define me. Meaning, I was determined to be "smaller" not healthier. I immediately started looking into diets that I wanted to try, bringing me to the Paleo Diet.

While I do LOVE the Paleo diet, eating things that are naturally grown, like a caveman, attaching the word "diet" to what I was doing caused me to start punishing myself.

I would restrict my food and my snacks. My husband would ask "do you want a cookie?" and I'd immediately say no. Not because I didn't want a cookie, but because it was "forbidden" or "off limits" to me.

So why exactly IS dieting bad?

Well it causes us to put restrictions on what we eat. When we put restrictions on what we eat, we are limiting ourselves instead of changing our habits. Certain foods become "off limits" which only makes us want them more. When we end up having these "forbidden" foods, we punish ourselves. We start to feel upset/bad about what we did, which puts us into a negative frame of mind. 

When we start associating food with "being bad" then we start to look at food, tell ourselves we can't have it, & slowly fall into a rut. We eat what I like to call "sad food" more and we stop eating the food that made us happy, the food that was good for our bodies and our minds. 

Unfortunately, the last step is that after telling ourselves for long enough that we can't have something we eventually give in, binge eating those treats that we have been neglecting so long.

This only causes us to feel bad about ourselves again. 

Dieting is a vicious cycle of craving and punishing. Not. Good.

I have seen the horrors that come with dieting and I had to stop myself before I fell into the cycle of punishing myself or associating food with negative thoughts.

There are so many different ways to make sure our bodies are healthy. However, when we "diet" we get into a mindset of punishing ourselves when we miss a day. 

Food is supposed to be enjoyed.

When I sit down for dinner every night, I want to look at what I'm eating and actually like/WANT it. I want to know that it's healthy for me, nourishing my body and a good to my soul.

So I stopped dieting and started eating well.

Here are a few ways I stopped dieting and started enjoying my food. Your body will thank you!!

1. Stop restricting food such as desserts! I am a huge advocate of not restricting myself altogether, instead I look at the back of the package. What does it say is a portion size/serving? Great 11 chips? Then I'm only going to have 11 chips.

Knowing when to stop yourself can help you not overeat but it can also assist you in starting to make healthier choices. If you don't overeat, you will not be sluggish, and if you are not sluggish, you are more likely to want to be active! 

2. Clean out those pantries! Replace! Some people live by the rule "not in the house" but I live by the "replace" rule. This means that I replace unhealthy items (such as processed foods) with a healthier alternative. This assists me in two ways. a) I can make sure I am fueling myself on heartier and healthier items, which generally keep me full longer! And b) because I am fuller longer this generally causes me to consume less calories in a day (sometimes I don't even realize I'm only at 600 by the time dinner comes!) This assists heavily in weight loss (if that is your goal!)

3. Drink plenty of water! I drink Teami Blends tea every day 3 times a day. 60oz of tea (or water) does amazing things to you. 60oz of water is half my body weight (more than) in water. The first week it sort of detoxes you but soon after, you feel yourself becoming less hungry, having less cravings, more energetic, sleeping better and it honestly does amazing things to the skin as well. Keeping your body fueled and hydrated is seriously one of the most important things you can do to you body! Many times we mistake being thirsty for being hungry, which causes us to eat more. Our bodies honestly just want a bit of liquid nourishment! When I feel myself getting hungry, I first drink 8 oz  of water. If I am still hungry 30 minutes after that, I know I am ACTUALLY hungry and will eat. It's not depriving yourself! It's just filling yourself with the right thing! 

4. Get the right amount of fruits and vegetables each day! Honestly, this is key! You need ~8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! I started depriving myself of that because of the sugar in fruit and veggies and that was the wrong thing to do! I saw my body doing the exact opposite of what I wanted, gaining weight, storing fats! Honestly, the sugar in fruits and veggies isn't bad for you at all! It's so damn good to you! When I started filling myself with them again, I realized my body was doing a sort of detox on it's own. Fruits and veggies are...what keeps you regular.

It causes your body to naturally detox, causing you to reach your target weight goals faster than any "diet" would! 

5. Surround yourself! Putting positive motivation around you is key to reaching your  goals. Whether you switch up following unhealthy pages on social media to clean eating and exercise ones or if you just ask your friends to stop sending you random pictures of fried chicken! What you surround yourself with is key to being successful in your endeavors. 

6. Stop comparing. This one sounds  simple but it isn’t! Stop comparing yourself to others. Social media can be one of the hardest places to stop doing that. We see how others live and what they’re doing and how they look and it’s easy to get caught in that. But someone told me once “Social media is just a fake version of real life”. You may see skinny bodies and a smile but what challenges came along with that? Comparing is the ultimate form of betrayal to yourself. Your body is unique and is UNLIKE anyone else's. Listen to your body and give it what it needs to be happy and healthy!

From the  love of Tish, enjoy my lovelies!

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