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My MOL's Egg Bake

My mother in law makes this delicious, cheesy, egg bake that my husband and I can't get enough of.

One day, I actually wanted to create the recipe on my own, and I asked her "Lori, what's in that?" and she told me! So I decided to make a fun take on my MOL's egg-bake! A bit healthier and we didn't add cheese, but still JUST as delicious!

For this recipe we decided to go all out and use the most delicious bread we could find. Sam and I have been passing a BreadSmith Store for quite some time without going in. Today we splurged and decided to give it a try. What started off as a trip to grab a loaf of bread turned into us leaving with 3 loafs : Pumpkin, Corn Bread and a nice Honey Wheat!

The key to this recipe is getting a nice bread and letting it soak. My MOL lets hers soak overnight before popping it into the oven! We let ours soak for only 15 minutes, as we were in a meal prepping rush!

You'll need to cut the bread to make it fit your pan. I used only 5 full slices of bread and cut off the tops. I ensured that they fit the pan by shoving the tops into the empty spaces in the pan.

Once your pan is ready, add your eggs and egg whites to a bowl. Whisk and be sure to also add in almond milk as well. This gives it more sustenance and allows for more "rise" when baking!

Now it's time to add your favorite protein. I wanted this to be fairly low in calories and fat, so I added in Jones Chicken Sausage. This is my favorite Chicken/Breakfast Sausage brand and it's fairly high in protein!

You can also start cutting up your favorite veggies to go into this yummy bake! We added jalapenos and tomatoes!

Last but not least, layer it up! Add your mixture to your pan right on top of your bread, season with salt + pepper to your taste and throw it in the oven to enjoy!

Definitely an easy meal to enjoy all week!



  • 1 cup of egg whites

  • 4 eggs

  • 5 slices of whole wheat bread (thick slices are best)

  • 1/2 cup of milk

  • 12 Cooked Chicken Sausages (or sausage crumbles)

How to:

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.

  2. Spray a large pan with non-stick spray.

  3. Slice bread to fit the bottom of the pan (and gaps). Place bread down in pan.

  4. In a large bowl, mix together egg whites, eggs and milk. Seasoning can also be added here.

  5. Stir until peaks form.

  6. Add in sliced sausage (or another protein) and vegetables of choice.

  7. Pour egg mixture on top of bread in pan.

  8. If adding cheese, place on top here.

  9. Cover with foil and cook for 25 minutes, until egg is fully cooked.

  10. Remove from pan and let cool before slicing into 12-15 slices.

  11. Enjoy for breakfast with the family or as an easy meal prep!

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