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    Fab. Fit. Flex. is my star program designed to allow women the chance to become more comfortable with food, fitness and themselves.
    What started as a program tailored towards my own goals, has turned into a chance to assist women in personally reaching their own goals as well.
    Many women who have participated in this program have found it easy to follow, simple to maneuver through and beneficial in putting them on a direct path to reaching their goals! If you have been looking for a chance to reach your full potential when it comes to your health and fitness, this is the program for you. 

    If you have participated in the FFF Coaching Group, note* this is a completely restructured program! Every day of this program is DIFFERENT and every week you have NEW workouts! That means you have a new workout split for 6 weeks! Lump 2 weeks together (week one x 2) and turn this program EASILY into a 12-week program to fit your needs and reach your goals!



    6 weeks of FFF Workouts
    A gym based program which can be easily modified for home-based workouts
    Meal Prepping Tips, Tricks, and Assistance: Nutritional Seminars

    Grocery Budget - Planning Seminar from Tish (Q & A Style)*
    Macronutrient and Portion Size consulting (if requested!)
    Nutritional Seminars From Tish*

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